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Merch sale - get it while it's here!

We've lowered the prices of our current merch stock to crazy levels, so grab yourself a bargain while the grabbing's good!


When it's gone it's gone.. 


UPDATE - We've now added our amazing new glow-in-the-dark T-Shirt to the store..

PLUS - For those of you lovely people who are gonna be at Resistanz this weekend, you can choose to pick your swag up there and save on the P&P!  Just choose the 'Collect at Resistanz' option from the shopping cart, don't forget to note down your order number, and bring it to the merch stall this weekend.  Seemples!


Uberbyte for Resistanz 2013!


Yep, after a glorious show at the very first Resistanz festival in 2011, Sheffield's Finest are back for more smiley

This time, we're planning an extra-special performance, beyond anything we have done before - complete with fire, explosions, elephants, tigers, go-go dancers, alien invasions, the rise of the Great Old Ones, cats and dogs living together, Nicholas Cage, and sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads.

Well, OK, how much of that actually makes it to the stage, we can but wait and see, but trust us, this is going to be.. blinding...

Five Year Plan - out now

Never Stand Still...

It's finally here - the album which has been hailed as "a real game-changer " (Terrorizer), "manages to show the world that music can evolve for the better" (Alteria Motives), "made for everyone with the child still in them" (Brutal Resonance - 9/10 and Album of the Month).

Now being sold directly by us in all its shiny glory.


Get Five Year Plan.  Now...